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How to Organize Loose Clothes Hangers

Clothes hangers can be a real nuisance. You don't have them when you need them and you have way too many when you don't. The big trick for hangers is finding a place to store them when you're not using them. Unfortunately, they are oddly shaped and you can't stack them.

Divide your hangers into piles based on shape. The closer the shapes of the hangers are to each other, the easier they are to keep together.

Step 2Figure out how many hangers you want in each bundle. A smaller number, like five, is better for short-term storage and a larger number, like ten, is better for the long term.

Step 3Secure the bundles together with tape, string or stiff wire. If you use tape, make sure that is won't leave residue on the hangers after it's removed because it could get transferred to your clothing. Wire is often a good choice (even something as simple as twist ties works well) as long as you are certain the wire won't get wet and rust.

Step 4Stack the bundles in a box. As long as the bundles are similarly sized you can put one bundle on the bottom, one on each of the sides and then one more on top. Direct the hooks towards the middle.

Step 5Put specialty hangers in boxes by themselves and label them on the outside. This keeps you from having to empty the wrong box to get a specific type of hanger.

How to Clean Plastic Hangers

Plastic clothes hangers can collect dust while hanging in the closet. Wiping each plastic hanger down to remove the dust can be time consuming. Learn how to clean plastic hangers quickly and easily with this secret trick.

Gather all of your plastic clothes hangers that need to be cleaned. Having them all in one place will keep you from having to run around the house later seeking them out.

Step 2Lay each plastic hanger into the bathtub. You can put as many as you want into the tub. You might even want to ass a few other large plastic items that need to be cleaned, too. Add in bns, large plastic children's blocks, toys and other plastic items that have dust or dirt that need to be removed.

Step 3Close the drain on your bathtub so that the water doesn't flow out. Your plastic hangers might need a soak to remove anything sticky that might have adhered to the surface and soaking them will be the easiest way to remove residue or film.

Step 4Turn on the bathtub water and fill it up so that each plastic clothes hanger is fully immersed.

Step 5After the water is turned off, add a few drops of dish detergent to the tub and let it dissolve into the water for 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 6Pull the drain plug and allow the water to drain from the tub. Use the shower to rinse the soap away from the hangers.

How to make CREASE-FREE hangers

take cardboard tubing and with a pencil, draw a straight line down the tube

Step 2cut along the beginning of the straight line to the end with scissors

Step 3place cut cardboard tubing on the flat, bottom-side of hanger. Viola! you now have a crease-free hanger

How to Make Padded Ribbon Coat Hangers

Cut a 2" strip of batting and wind it around the wooden part of the hanger. Secure it with a couple of stitches at each end.

Step 2Cut a long, narrow rectangle of batting to cover the hanger lenthwise. Fold it over the bound batting and sew it in place neatly along the top edge.

Step 3Cut two lengths of wide satin ribbon and stitch each end in a curve with right sides together. Stitch along one long edge of the ribbon and turn to the right side.

Step 4Fit the cover over the hanger and slip stitch the top edges.

Step 5Decorate with various ribbons or make small roses and leaves out of ribbons and attach.

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How to Make Padded Ribbon Coat Hangers

How to Make Braided Coat Hangers

Braided coat hangers are a colorful, attractive way to protect your clothes from metal stains and help them hang straight without getting creases from the sharp edges of metal coat hangers. In addition, this craft is ideal for cold winter nights and these hangers often sell at craft fairs for several dollars a piece. Braided coat hangers brighten a closet and can even help you color-code your laundry room if you assign each member of the family a different color of hanger.

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Cut the legs off colored tights. You will need two legs (preferably of different colors) for each hanger.

Step 2Wrap the mid-point of the pantyhose strands around the top of the hanger. You should have two strands of one color on one side, and two of the other color on the other side.

Step 3Start braiding. The coat hanger itself will be your third "strand." Move the top right length of pantyhose behind the hook of the hanger and push it between the two lengths of tights on the left. Once you have done this, pull it back to the right side. You will see that you have encased a small portion of the hanger in a knotted braid, and that the top right length of tights has now become the bottom. Use the new top length to continue the pattern until you have covered the entire hanger.

Step 4Tie off the ends with a pretty bow. When you have encased the entire hanger, as you might expect, nearly all of the right side will be gone but you will have more of the left side remaining, though it too will have been pulled into the checkerboard pattern that characterizes braided hangers. Use the ends to tie a pretty, multicolored bow. Double knot the bow so that the braid will not slip out.

Step 5Trim the ends off the tights. If the tails on the bow are too long, they may interfere with hanging the clothes. Trim off the ends using sharp scissors to keep the bow short and compact.

How to use cloth hangers

How to Use a Clothes Hanger

Clothes hangers were designed to keep clothes from wrinkling. There are two types. The first type looks like a set of shoulders. This type of hanger keeps your blouses, dress shirts, dresses and jackets nice and neat in a closet. A second type of hanger has two clips, one on each end. This type of hanger allows you to properly hang a pair of pants or a skirt so that it to can remain wrinkle-free in a closet. Using these hangers is easy.

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InstructionsThings You'll Need:
Step 1Iron your piece of clothing after it comes out of the dryer. If the piece of clothing is brand new, take it out of the bag to hang it up. It will most likely already be wrinkle-free.

Step 2Unbutton or unzip any tops or dresses and slide one end of the hanger in to the shoulder and left sleeve through the neck opening. Then slide the other end of the hanger in to the right shoulder and sleeve.

Step 3Button the top or dress back up. If it is a zipper, zip it back up. This will keep the garment in place on the hanger.

Step 4Hang your garments in a closet until you are ready to wear them. Try to keep all the top hooks of the hangers facing the same direction. This will make it easier for you to take the items back out when you need them.

Step 5Lay a pair of pants or skirt down on a bed or other flat surface. You will need both hands to work the clips on either side of the hanger.

Step 6Squeeze the left clip on the hanger and slide the left side of the pair of pants or skirt in between the clip. Then let go and the clip will hold the piece of fabric in place. Do this again with the right side of the hanger. Hang your pants or skirt in a closet.